Bright Future Tarot Cards, a 78 card tarot deck with or without keywords


**First edition print** The Bright Future Tarot Cards are a hand drawn and painted 78 card deck and accompanying workbook, that blend ancient symbolism with modern psychology to make learning tarot fun, relevant and easy. Having spent many years working for Spirit as a clairvoyant, my goal is to show people that tarot is a powerful tool for divination when you access your intuition by feeling the energy of the cards. There is a standard version and a version with keywords for those who are learning tarot. Each deck comes with a guidebook containing detailed card meanings and layouts.

How the cards work:

While remaining true to the traditional tarot meanings, each card is a modern interpretation of the core archetypes, designed to evoke the way the card feels. Rather than relying on learning keywords or trying to interpret the arcane symbolism of classic decks such as the Rider Waite, The Bright Future Tarot presents a new way to learn and use tarot that enhances intuition and feelings, which are the key to accurate readings. If you can connect to the way the card feels, it will open the door to accessing your innate psychic ability and also reading the energy of the user.

There are 22 Major Arcana cards from the Fool at 0 to The World at 21, and 56 Minor Arcana cards of the 4 suites: Cups, Pentacles, Wands and Swords. Each pack includes:

78 full colour Bright Future Tarot Card Deck & box
All items printed in the Uk, by Pureprint Ltd. who have won awards for their carbon neutral production methods.
Cards are printed on high-quality, thick 400 gsm card stock with satin matte anti scratch finish
Each card measures standard tarot size of 70 x 120mm for perfect shuffle
Original Artwork based on traditional tarot meanings combined with modern psychological concepts
Packaged in a full colour matte finish box
Includes PDF guidebook that explains each card in detail and keywords poster.

Workbook and protective fabric wrap also available

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The Bright Future Tarot Cards present a new way to use tarot based on a blending of ancient symbolism and modern psychology.  Hand drawn and illustrated by Saskia Lee, The Bright Future Tarot cards focus on enhancing your intuition and accuracy with images that evoke how the card feels.  When you learn to feel the energy of the cards, you will find that your readings become incredibly accurate and transformative.  The cards are accompanied by a workbook and 45 page guidebook that has practice exercises for accessing your psychic ability, scrying with your cards, 3 steps to learn tarot theory,  journal exercises, layouts, detailed card meanings and self paced assessments to cement your understanding.

Additional information

Weight .352 kg
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 3 cm
Card deck style

Standard (no keywords), With Keywords

12 reviews for Bright Future Tarot Cards, a 78 card tarot deck with or without keywords

  1. Rachael Hunter, Psychic Intuitive

    Thank u, I received the deck today and am loving the imagery! xx – Angie

  2. Rachael Hunter, Psychic Intuitive

    Dear Saskia,

    Many thanks! Your deck is just amazing!!!!! I’ve ordered the book as well.

    Thanks for your amazing work! Best wishes, Massimiliano

  3. Rachael Hunter, Psychic Intuitive

    Hi Saskia,
    the deck arrived! Thank you so much. The cards, book and wrap are beautiful. I was surprised to find so much information about each card in the book, also I like the “quiz” you did! I’m looking forward to work with this deck 🙂 All the best for 2021 for you.

  4. Rachael Hunter, Psychic Intuitive

    Hi Saskia,

    Thank you loads 🙂 All is going well with the cards. When I was giving them the first shuffle,
    3 cards dropped that corresponded to my situation perfectly :). The artwork is amazing. I hope you enjoyed the holidays.

  5. Rachael Hunter, Psychic Intuitive

    Love and Light x Would like to say I received The bright future tarot deck and workbook. Very happy with my purchase. Dyannah

  6. Rachael Hunter, Psychic Intuitive

    Hi Saskia

    Just wanted to let you know I received the workbook and tarot deck today, wow the artwork on the cards is stunning and the card quality is beautiful! I have read a few bits of the workbook already and it is wonderful 🙂 the cards and workbook really do speak to me!
    Thanks and Merry Christmas!


  7. Rachael Hunter, Psychic Intuitive

    Thanks Saskia, I love the quality of the cards and also the fact they are made in the UK is fantastic! I am so pleased with them and the artwork, you really have created such an intuitive deck. – Lyndsey

  8. Rachael Hunter, Psychic Intuitive

    I recieved the cards! I love them they shuffle like dream and I would love to buy another deck. Thank you 🙂 – Jacqueline

  9. Rachael Hunter, Psychic Intuitive

    I love these cards, thank you and Happy New Year!! Xx – Lucia Cabrera Padilla

  10. Rachael Hunter, Psychic Intuitive

    Hi Saskia, tarot received!
    It’s gorgeous, thank you very much!
    Best regards,

  11. Rachael Hunter, Psychic Intuitive

    Hi Saskia, I received my deck yesterday. I love the cardstock and the artwork. The deck is more lovely in person. I look forward to reviewing your deck, thank you – Jinah

  12. Rachael Hunter, Psychic Intuitive

    I really appreciate your quick responses and kindness.

    Thank you again for everything, the cards are beautiful and I’m looking forward to learning with them. – Candice

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