45 Minute Psychic Reading


Book a 45 minute psychic tarot reading with Saskia.  I am a Clairvoyant medium and psychic, meaning I work with my guides to bring messages of love and support from your loved ones in Spirit and can create a link to look deeply into your past present and future. Your guides are always there waiting to assist you, you just have to ask.



Book a 45 minute psychic tarot reading with Saskia.

The reading includes psychic link to look at your past, present and future and also any messages from your loved ones in Spirit. I have 21 years experience as a psychic and medium, am SNU trained and can provide accurate and transformative readings.

I am a Psychic which is someone who intuitively interprets energy and can provide accurate readings using tools such as tarot and angel cards, a crystal ball etc. I have been using Tarot for 25 years and also teach the cards in workshops and classes across the UK.

I am a Clairvoyant medium which means I have “Clear Vision” and can interpret messages from the spirit realm through either spirit guides or loved ones. I can act as a channel or bridge from the spirit world to the physical world.

Within a reading, I will use all of the above abilities for the most comprehensive reading available from spirit at that point in time and email pictures and a summary of your reading to your chosen email address so you have a record of the information.

I specialize in relationships, work, money, life in general and spiritual guidance. I also specialize in Soul mate issues and tune in deeply into these areas. I can also connect to the “Akashic Records” to look deeply into your soul’s journey and pathway.

Whether you are looking for a down to earth reading involving practical matters or matters of the heart or maybe a more spiritual based reading which focuses on your soul growth and the way forward on your spiritual journey, a reading with me will offer the right insight and guidance for that moment in time.

I also deliver loving messages from your loved ones and spirit guides during your reading to leave you feeling uplifted, empowered and clearer about your future path.

To book a reading, please choose an option on this page, book a time via: http://www.saskialeepsychic.com or contact me via email to arrange an appointment at saskialeepsychic@gmail.com