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Are you a Tarot newbie? Does this sound like you?…

There are so many card meanings that I don’t know where to start!

I want to access my intuition when I need it most!

I get stuck on the court cards…it’s so frustrating!

I just don’t feel confident and don’t want to get it ‘wrong’

I need to practice doing readings and build my confidence

I’d like to use tarot for self care and help others using my gift

I want to get paid for readings but I don’t know how

‘The secret to accurate readings is to FEEL the energy of the cards’

Saskia Lee

The answers are already within you…

The secret to accurate and insightful readings is to feel the energy of the cards. This is because all psychic ability comes through the clairsentience – clear feeling. In this course I am going to show you exactly how I do readings, how I access my psychic ability on demand and what specific processes I go through to make my readings accurate, healing and transformative. The course modules follow a logical path to take you from beginner to confident tarot reader and is structured over 8 modules. Each module is split into two parts: part one focuses on tarot card theory and part two develops your intuition and psychic ability so you can combine the two and create your own super accurate readings in just 3 easy steps:

The 3 easy steps are:

  1. The Major Arcana – Your journey through life
  2. The numbers & elements – see the patterns
  3. Feel the energy – access your intuition and enhance your readings

Course Content:

  1. Module 1 – Learn the major arcana – your journey through life / Meet your guide(s) – connect with your spirit helpers
  2. Module 2 – The numbers – layering the tarot / looking at the clairs – working with your strengths
  3. Module 3 – The elements – seeing the patterns / access your intuition – scrying with your cards
  4. Module 4 – The minor arcana – everyday life and context / creating a psychic link – linking into someone’s energy
  5. Module 5 – The court cards – who, what, where & why / layouts and spreads – when & how to use them
  6. Module 6 – Coins and Cups – doing and feeling / card combinations – spotlight on specific card combinations
  7. Module 7 – Wands and Swords – creating and thinking / card combinations – spotlight on specific card combinations
  8. Module 8 – Making a living – ethics and professional practice / Going pro – building confidence, speed and accuracy

Bonus content includes:

Over 10 hours of interactive video lessons, worksheets, case studies and practice readings to build your confidence

Specific exercise to enhance intuition and deepen your relationship with spirit, including advice on protection and working with gateway guides

Developing your brand & online presence, including zero cost solutions for Instagram, YouTube and Facebook

No tech marketing strategies that you can create with a smart phone, including a calendar for scheduling your content

Advice and contacts for working online & paid chat services, including what to expect and how much you can earn

Over 100 pages of card meanings, cheat sheets, layouts, assessments and questionnaires to build your confidence

Exclusive discount codes for buying your own deck of Bright Future Tarot cards and access to free readings

With the right training and practice, anyone can learn to read tarot accurately



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The Bright Future Tarot Secrets Course Tuesday Sept. 14th 2021

Free tarot meanings cheat sheet!

Download this free tarot cheat sheet and get all the card meanings instantly. This 5 page worksheet has all the upright and reversed card meanings for you to refer to to whenever you need a bit of guidance

Free Class: Learn to read tarot cards

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Free Readings your Spirit guides

I am a born psychic and clairvoyant medium and will be using my gift to channel loving messages and guidance from the Spirit world to help you on your path. Join me each weekend on YouTube for your psychic reading.

“Taking the course has transformed my understanding of tarot cards and in only a few weeks I was able to approach the cards in a very different way that allows me to FEEL rather than think about the card meanings. My confidence has increased ten fold and I’m amazed by how accurate my readings have become

Kerry Thompson

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